Bolsoul 7 - Flight Info to come

Important Information!
For those who fancy a long weekend break @ Bolsoul rather than a whole week, we have just located some FANTASTIC flight prices from Luton which really are too good to miss, so we’ve negotiated 2 more packages with our Croatian partners which we can now offer, so that we can take advantage of these incredible Wizz Air deals out of Luton….


Flights with transfers.


Flights without transfers, but assistance available.

8-15  October 2017
Outbound: E
dinburgh to Split (Jet2)
Departs 14.20 - Arrives 18.35
Split to Edinburgh (Easy Jet)
Departs 19.20 - Arrives 21.35


More flights will be added as and when they become available.




These are the recommend flights and include transfer to and from the hotel (unless otherwise stated); more flight will be added when they become available.

10 - 17th Ocotober 2020

London Gatwick to Split
Departs 05.50 - Arrives 09.25
Split to London Gatwick 
Departs 10.00 - Arrives 11.35

London Stanstead to Split
Departs 06.25 - Arrives 09.55
Split to London Stanstead 
Departs 10.35 - Arrives 12.10

Luton to Split
Departs 14.50 - Arrives 18.20
Split to Luton 
Departs 19.00 - Arrives 20.40

Manchester to Split
Departs 17.25 - Arrives 21.15
Split to Manchester 
Departs 21.55 - Arrives 23.55