Arrival times
Flights seem to either arrive early (which means an early start in the UK) or late afternoon early evening which can limit transfer options.
Note: late evening arrivals mean that you will miss the main dinner period of 7 till 9pm at the hotel. They have provided sandwiches on arrival for late travellers. If traveling independently and arriving late evening it would be wise to warn the hotel of your approximate arrival time and ask in advance about food. Our transfers / independent travel and transfer pages have more information that could be helpful.

If having a late night and not wanting to get up for breakfast, there is the option of purchasing brunch by the pool. Having an early lunch next to the sea at the beach bar is a great way to take in Bol. Or stroll into Bol harbour and one of the first cafes on your left serves breakfast from 9am to 12 noon. Where the breakfast menu includes different types of egg dishes, club sandwiches, cereal or yogurt.
For an extra small charge at the Hotel Elaphusa it is possible to order breakfast to be delivered to your room.

Dinnertime drinks
Although breakfast and dinner is included in your booking, drinks are not. It costs slightly more to order drinks from your table at dinnertime, than in the bar. Which you pass to reach the dining area. Some people choose to take drinks into dinner with them.

In addition to the pool bar at the Elaphusa, and main bar within the hotel, there are small bars dotted along the coast, and lots of bars and cafes along Bol Harbour. There is also a very chilled comfortable bar outdoor bar at Ziatni Rat beach.

Croatia food reflects a long-standing combination of Adriatic and Mediterranean influences. The food provided at the Elaphusa hotel for breakfast and dinner is fresh, abundant and varied. There is some noticeable repetition across the week with regard to vegetables, fruit pudding and breakfasts. But meat, fish and vegetarian dishes are rotated across the week and there is a wide choice. We also recommend taking a wander early in the week to see Bol harbour, and explore the lunchtime offerings at the restaurants. Fresh ingredients, and large pizza’s that are often adequate for two to share, are some of the positives we look forward to when visiting Bol. Meat is popular in Croatia, with Brac known for it’s lamb. But they also have specialities that include Risottos’, roasted vegetables, cured hams, fish dishes and bread. If enjoying the music and not wanting to wander too far, there are burgers, salads and various snacks that can be ordered at the pool bar, and the beach bar restaurant has an extensive menu, and it’s great to grab a table on the beach.

Hair dryers
The bathrooms have fixed hair dryers on the walls, but these are not always very strong. They are maybe ok for short hair but we advise bringing your own if more powerful hairdryers are needed. (Thanks to Shirley for that point.)

If you’ve brought lots of clothes, then ask for a few more hangers to be sent to your room when checking in

The hotel has an ironing room but does not provide irons in the rooms. We recommend taking a travel iron.

the rooms are equipped with a mini bar, but no kettle. There is plenty of space in the rooms, we recommend taking a travel kettle if very fond of tea or coffee at odd hours of the night and day, and not wishing to visit the hotel bar for hot beverages.


The Wi-Fi access is free within the hotel, at checkin you will receive a code. Note: just before meal times when most people are back at their rooms it slows down.

Large blue pool / beach towels can be obtained from the hotel. At the back of the swimming pool is the entrance to the hotel gym. Towels can usually be found just inside the door on a rack or just outside.

Pool bar menu
You can pay in cash or add your drinks and snacks to your room bill.
Coffee – 14-20 Kuna,
Tea 17 Kuna.
Fruit juice – 22-23 Kuna.
Draft beer 21 - 35 Kuna
Stella Artois 28 Kuna, (note they have several beers to choose from)
Spirits 26-46 Kuna
Wine 35-65 Kuna for 0.15L or 130 to 201 Kuna for bottles
Cocktails 54-64 Kuna

Poolside snacks
A variety of club sandwiches, Bruschetta, Burgers, Salads, French Fries, Pizza and Pasta Dishes available.
From 35 Kuna for Fries to 52 Kuna for a Burger or 60 Kuna for a Tuna Sandwich.

The hotel has an excellent health spa. It is free for hotel guests to use the indoor pool in addition to the out door pool, and the gym. Treatments and massages need to be booked and there are various charges. When checking in you will be given a little discount booklet, remember to take it with you when paying for Spa treatments.

Decide before booking your travel if you would like to take a flight that includes the transfers that are part of the Bolsoul booking, or travel independently.
It is not difficult to reach Bol independently there are three stages.

Transfer from Airport to Split Port
Ferry or Catamaran from Split Port to Brac
Taxi from Supetar to hotel 35 minutes, or
Taxi from Bol harbour to Bol 5 minutes.

A pre-booked taxi from Supetar to Bol takes approximately 35 minutes, and the cost of a minibus taxi that will take 6 or 7 people with their cases costs only 10 Euros more on average than the cost of a taxi to carry 1 to 3 people.
For example Standard Car, max 3 passengers – 57 Euros, a minibus for up to 7 people (with luggage) 62 Euros.
It is a good idea to pre-book before travelling.
The following website has been tried and tested several times.


‘Kuna’ is widely available to order in the UK, and there are bank machines at the hotel and easily available in Bol harbour (the first is to your right as you pass the Bol bus stop and tourist information, which near the Stina Winery.) It is useful to carry some Kuna for the initial travel in case of needing to purchase a drink on the boat / Catamaran, or snacks along the way.

Bus travel
The Croatia public bus service runs quite large modern coaches on its routes. And is a very cheap alternative to taxis. Most journeys are approximately £5 for a 30 to 35 minute journey, but do check times, as they often only run once per hour. See travel page for website links. In Bol, by the red and white tourist office by the bus station, there is a timetable fixed to one of the exterior walls. Note however the public bus from Supetar to Bol stops running at 20:30 / 8.30pm, and arrives at Bol bus station at 21:21 / 9.25pm. (It is a 5-minute taxi ride from the bus station in Bol to the hotel Elaphusa.)

Climate /Temperatures
It has been an average of 70 degrees during the day on previous trips (May Bolbeats / Oct Bolsoul). And can be warm or cool at night. We recommend taking layers clothing wise. There can be the occasional down pour of rain, which clears up within 30 minutes to 1 hour. A light weigh umbrella or rain mac for travel is recommended. Also bring sun block.


it is well worth turning left out of the Elaphusa and walk along the paved coastal path through the pine trees from the Elaphusa to Bol Harbour. If full of energy, follow the coast round past the end of the harbour and along, further up you will find small specialist shops, and beautiful views of the monastery. Keen swimmers, the Adriatic is cold, but there are some great places along here to swim. Or sit and picnic and enjoy the sunset.
If turning right out of the Elaphusa (in the opposite direction from Bol harbour) you can walk with the sea on your left and up to Ziatni Rat beach which has a cool beach bar. Note further up the coast it is pretty, but the home of the nudist beaches. So please respect others privacy.

If you don’t want to walk too far we recommend the beach bar for a lunch right by the sea, as the menu is very varied. Staff can be slow, but food is fresh. Bol has some great restaurants. Lots of places have pizza ovens and make their own fresh pizzas, they also have fresh meat, fish and vegetables, with many dishes influenced by Italy and other Adriatic neighbours. At Topolino’s to the left as you walk into Bol they have large fresh Pizza’s which are easily shared by two at lunch time. Wonderful views of the sea from their tables. Reasonable prices and polite staff. Further down Pumperella gets good reviews for it’s steak, fresh burgers, and tuna on hot stones, home made pitta pockets and grilled vegetables. As well as very accommodating staff. Please add any other restaurant reviews to the Bolsoul Facebook page if you try them.

Chemist / Pharmacy
there is a chemist in Bol. It’s is just past the main Konzum supermarket further up on your left hand side. It
closes at 3pm each day.

The main supermarket ‘Konzum’ in Bol harbour closes at 1pm on Sundays. But up the hill when walking past the ‘Pekara’ bakery (look for the yellow and blue sign set back from the main walk way and on your left) up the hill there is another supermarket that is very well stocked ‘Studenac’ this does not close until early evening’.

travel and luggage

When boarding the Catamaran all of your cases have to be stored near the front door, we recommend having a small bag packed in your luggage to put any valuables into, so to keep items with you. On the ferry there is an up escalator but only stairs down. If travelling with heavy cases, there is space down on the car deck to put large cases against the wall of the ferry and not take the up to the seating deck. But do keep your valuables on you. There are toilets and a bar on both the Catamaran and the ferry, and it is possible to move around easily. The Ferry is a much larger vessel and smoother. The Catamaran smaller, but fast, and quite smooth. Note if the weather is a little up and down, the Catamaran is sometimes cancelled, however there is a Ferry that runs 30 minutes after the designated Catamaran time from Split to Supetar. And a coach / bus is laid on from Bol back to Supetar if the Catamaran is cancelled. For independent travellers the hotel reception staff can telephone on the morning of your travel to check if the Catamaran is running.

Croatia is quite big on making chocolate, and Bol has small specialist stores selling Croatian chocolate, olive oil and honey. The small market stalls on the walk way leading to Bol Harbour have various items of Brac stone, and olive wood. Toward the end of October the stores and stalls start to close up. If you see any gifts you wish to take home we suggest buying them by the middle of the week in case the place you visited is closing up toward the end of the week.

Travel sickness
For anyone that gets travel sick, the road are winding from Supetar to Bol. We recommend taking a seat that allows you to follow /watch the road. All of the taxi drivers we’ve been picked up by through pre-booking have been very experienced and polite but drive rather fast. So we recommend your telling them if you are prone to travel sickness and wish for them to drive at a steady pace.

October in Bol is predominantly sunny, with average temperatures of 20 degrees C or 68 degrees F.
It does rain in October, more often overnight. Short burst of rain during the day are normally swiftly followed with sunshine.

Mosquitos / insect bites
So far in October and May it has not been a problem with regard to insect bites. But we’ve been taking some bite cream just in case. (Not had to use it yet).